Henrik Frisk, saxophonist, photo by Karl-Martin Almqvist.


This site is dedicated to sharing information about what I do as a musician, composer and researcher. I will happily receive any kind of feedback, especially through posting comments in any of the two blogs, either the one dedicated to music or the one more geared towards thinking (through music). The site is definitely an infinite work-in-progress and perhaps more of an archive than a promotion, but hopefully you will not experience weird behaviour and broken links. However, if you do, please feel free to send me a note about what happened and how it happened.

I will attempt to use this site, among other things, as a virtual stage posting new recordings every now and then. Please check back regularly and thank you for visiting!

I am also writing a blog (in Swedish) which is more concerned with politics and other things than music.

recent updates

2021-11-12 [News]

Concert at Festival Musica Viva 2021

My piece Image Schema is being performed at the Festival Musica Viva in Lisbon Potugal on November 13 at 19:30 (Portugal time). The concert is being streamed online for those you interested to hear. There are several other interesting intermedia pieces in the concert as well!

2021-03-26 [News]

EAM concert at KMH

In our series of electroacoustic music concerts at KMH we are now ready to broadcast our first binaural concert. Use a pair of headphones and listen to a range of pieces, including my own Image Schema.

2021-03-25 [News]

Sonanza performs Drinking

Ensemble Sonanza under Jan Risberg is performing my work Drinking as part of the festival Svensk Musikvår. Enjoy it live streaming on March 25 at 6 pm.

2021-03-05 [News]

Streamed concert from Klangkupolen, KMH

The roayal college of music in Stockholm is presenting the first in a series of concerts streamed binaurally from Klangkuoplen in Lilla Salen on March 5. Listen with headphones for best experience. At the concert my piece Image Schemaa/a> is being performed in a newly remixed ambisonic version.

Concert cancelled due to illness.

2021-02-28 [Music]

pvm: a linving room improvisation

A living room improvisation on materials recorded in Vietnam in 2019. These recordings wa made as part of the Transformations project, an artistic research project that investigates the impact of musical traditions in transformation. The improv was made using software that I have composed myself in PureData, Max, Supercollider and Faust. I play on a QuNeo pad and a laptop.

This piece has been performed a few times, among other places at the conference for AI music at KTH in the fall of 2020.

2021-02-25 [Music]

expEAR: Prime Directive

The group expEAR did a tour with Drew Gress following up on the release of the CD Vesper by the same constellation. This recording was made in Vilnius. Apart from Drew Gress and myself, Maggi Olin is playing piano and Peter Nilsson is playing drums.

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