Docent in artistic research in improvisation, Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University


PhD degree in Music (artistic), Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University
Thesis: Improvisation, Computers, and Interaction: Rethinking Human-Computer Interaction Through Music
Advisors: Miller Puckette, Marcel Cobussen, Karsten Fundal & Leif Lönnblad




Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, Composition.


Banff Centre for the Arts, Post graduate course in music composition.


Rhythmic Conservatory, Copenhagen. Saxophone performance major.



The artistic appointments included here are only those that have been more long term such as larger commissions.


Visiting scholar, CCRMA, Stanford University

Since 2019

Full professor in music, specialization in digital sound art at department of composition, conducting, and music theory at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Head of department of composition, electroacoustic music.
Head of artistic research, music and technology.
Teach composition, supervise PhD candidates and master’s theses.


Member of the assessment panel for the Swedish Research Council, artistic research


Supervisor and lecturer at NARP, the Norwegian research school for artistic research


Chair of study and research board at Royal College of Music, Stockholm


Assistant professor, Department of Composition and Conducting, Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Main responsibilities: Researcher and electroacoustic music composition teacher


NCC/Dome of Visions: Audiovisual installation: När träden sover/subtraktion och Ur askan/Unverwüstbarkeit, collaboration with Ebba Bohlin.

Since 2016

Member of the artistic faculty board Ingesund School of Music, Karlstad University


Associate professor at University of Skövde, Computer game music program.
Main responsibilities: Head of program, teacher in composition and sound design, researcher


Member of the editorial board for Swedish Journal of Music Research


IAC: Work for voice, electronics and Dan Tranh: Drinking


Coordinator for supervisor’s training, Konstnärliga forskarskolan (Artistic research academy), Stockholm
Main responsibilities: Develop research curriculum and supervisor’s training program

Since 2012

Member of the Research board at The Royal Swedish Academy of Music


GIBCA Gothenburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art: music for Better Life, collaboration with Isaac Julien.


Ensemble Midt Vest: interactive production for chamber group, interactive electronics and video, Denmark.


Research fellow, Department of Composition and Conducting, Royal College of Music, Stockholm
Main responsibilities: Researcher and Ph.D. supervisor.


Associate Professor in artistic research at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University.
Main responsibilities: Research, supervision and curriculum development


Postdoc researcher at Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University


Affiliate of Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden


Malmö Academy of Music. In charge of the program for Jazz and Improvised MusicMain responsibilities: teaching saxophone, ensemble, improvisation, curriculum development and international relations.


Lecturer, Rhythmic Conservatory, Copenhagen.
Teaching responsibilities: theory, composition and big band instruction and conducting.


Ongoing and recent research projects


Information Retrieval in Embedded Systems for Audio-visual Artistic Processes: new methods for musical interaction between participants to create a sensation of immersion in merged reality performances in musical performances.


Historically informed design of sound synthesis: exploring old technology to understand future directions (funded by Swedish Research Council).


Musical transformations: interdisciplinary project on the transformation of musical traditions (funded by Wallenberg foundation)


Supervised doctoral students

Main supervisor


Kent Olofsson, composer, KMH, Stockholm


Anna Einarsson, composer, KMH, Stockholm


Harpreet Bansal, Violinist, Oslo, Norway

Secondary supervisor


Craig Wells, Composer, Bergen, Norway


Katt Hernandez, Violinist, Malmö, Sweden


Espen Aalberg, Drummer, Trondheim, Norway


Franacisca Skoogh, Pianist, Malmö, Sweden


Mattias Sköld, Composer, KTH/KMH, Stockholm


Mattias Petersson, Composer, LTH, Luleå, Sweden


Derek Holzer, Performer, KTH, Stockholm


Teaching (courses in selection)

Electro-acoustic music composition (advanced):
Both one-to-one and group teaching and supervision of individual compositional projects including instrument building and installations.

Text seminar (third cycle):
Text seminar for artistic and music pedagogy PhDs in music.

Introduction to electro-acoustic music composition
Teaching music teacher students the basics of electro-acoustic music.

Theory and analysis (basic):
A music analysis and theory course in electro-acoustic music.

Thesis project course (advanced):
Teaching and supervising final thesis project for master’s students.


Artistic works

(Below, the title is followed by setting, EA = electroacoustic, and in cases of collaboration, the group name.) See http://www.henrikfrisk.com/portfolio/ for documentation.

  1. Concinnity - composition for saxopohone, electronics and large speaker configuration

  2. Rain will Evaporate - sound installation

  3. For Bill, Rising - EA

  4. Image Schema - EA/video

  5. Drinking - ensemble and EA

  6. Pellow - installation

  7. Improvisation over Mimionimas - EA

  8. PVM - EA/live

  9. Locomotion - EA/installation

  10. Machinic Propositions - EA/video, Mongrel

  11. Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions - guitar/EA

  12. Bii - sound installation

  13. Elle a Dansé, Il se Tourna - EA/video, Mongrel

  14. Forgetting Vietnam - Film/The SixTones and Trinh T. Minh-ha

  15. Opponsite of black noise - EA/live

  16. Conceptualizing forgetness - saxophone/EA

  17. The Mystic Writing Pad - ensemble/EA

  18. Better Life - EA/Isaac Julien

  19. Månens Gråa Ögon - ensemble

  20. The Tranpsparent I - ensemble/EA

  21. Improvisations for saxophone and electronics - saxophone/EA

  22. Continuous Breach - ensemble/EA

  23. Midsummer - EA

  24. The Six Tones - emsemble/EA

  25. etherSound - sound installation


Performances (selection)

  1. Solo performance upcoming concert in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  2. Solo performance upcoming concert in Tallinn, Estonia.

  3. Solo performance upcoming concert at Jazzcandy, Tokyo, Japan.

  4. Dataton performance improvisation with historic Dataton instruments at Orpheus institute, Gent

  5. Dataton performance improvisation with historic Dataton instruments at Frequenz festival, Kiehl

  6. Concinnity, premiered at CCRMA, Stanford University

  7. For Bill, Rising, performed at CCRMA, Stanford University

  8. Elle a Dansé, performed at Transitions, CCRMA, Stanford

  9. For Bill, Rising, premiered at Innovation in Music, Stockholm, Sweden

  10. Rain will evaporate, sound installation at Ulvhälls Hallar, Strängnäs

  11. Regular networked performances in various consteallations. See e.g. https://www.henrikfrisk.com/news/music/2022/12/10/online-performance/

  12. Image Schema, performed at Musica Viva 2021, Lisbon, Portugal.

  13. Image Schema, performed at KMH, Stockholm

  14. Drinking, performed by Sonanza, KMH, Stockholm

  15. Image Schema, performed at inSonic, ZKM, Germany

  16. Pellow, installation at Tekniska museet, Stockholm.

  17. Improvisation over Mimionimas, premiered at Pre-Nobel conference, Stockholm

  18. Performance at Fylkingen, Stockholm

  19. Performance at 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity.

  20. Locomotion premiered at Between2019, Stockholm, Sweden

  21. Concert at Intonal festival, Malmö with Kali Malone.

  22. Performance of Machinic Propositions by Mongrel (Frisk/Elberling) at Music and Sound design in film/new media, Vilnius.

  23. Concerts in Skandinavien och Baltikum with the group expEAR.

  24. Machinic Propositions, Dare 2017, Gent, Belgium, Manchester, UK and Romans, France.

  25. Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions, Artistic Research Pavillion, The Venice Biennale, 2017

  26. Drinking - three versions of Drinkning at IAC, Malmö, Sweden

  27. Bii and Elle a Dansé, concerts at KMH, Stockholm

  28. Bii - Interactive sound installation at the inauguration of KMH, Stockholm

  29. Elle a Dansé, SMC16, Hamburg

  30. In a Silent Way - Concert in Göteborg.

  31. expEAR - Concerts in Stockholm and Malmö with Drew Gress

  32. Concerts in York (UK) and Sligo (Ireland).

  33. expEAR - Concerts in Malmö and Uppsala.

  34. lim - Concerts in Göteborg and Malmö.

  35. Concerts in Lund, Malmö and Gothenburg.

  36. Concerts in California.

  37. Concerts with lim in Sweden and Denmark.

  38. Hanoi Sound Stuff and tour in Vietnam.

  39. Lennart Åberg Group featuring Peter Erskine, UKK, Uppsala.

  40. Frisk/Frendin concert, Musik i Halland.

  41. Stroman/Jönsson group, London, UK, and Sweden.

  42. KOPAorchestra on tour, Sweden and Denmark

  43. International session on artistic research, Malmö.

  44. KOPAorchestra on tour, Sweden

  45. Stroman/Jönsson Vocal project feat. Lena Willemark, KOPAfestival, Lund

  46. Samarbete med Isaac Julien, Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

  47. Kalvfestivalen, Kalv, Sweden

  48. Summerfestival, Ensebmle Midt Vest, Herning, Denmark

  49. Integra Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

  50. re:New festival, Copenhagen

  51. Repetition Repeats…in Gent, Bruxelles

  52. Frisk / Beirach / Mogensen trio, turné in Sweden and Denmark

  53. EarZoom festival, Lubljana, Slovenia.

  54. The Six Tones concert at Green Space Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam.

  55. Performance of Anne LeBaron’s cyberopera Sucktion

  56. Premiere of the 10-piece band Henrik Frisk’s Pli at Kopasetic Festival, Malmö, Sweden.

  57. Performances of Continuous Breach at Copenhagen and Aarhus jazz festivals.

  58. etherSound in Stockholm at Nybrokajen 11.

  59. performances in Malmö and Lund med lim.

  60. Tour in Sweden and Denmark med The Six Tones

  61. Performances med lim and Marc Ducret.

  62. ICMC Copenhagen

  63. Performances med Stefan Östersjö (guitar) in Vietnam, China, USA, UK and Sweden.

  64. Performances in Sweden and USA in duo med Per-Anders Nilsson (laptop).

  65. Performances in Sweden, Iceland, USA, Canada and Germany in duo med Henrik Frendin (viola).

  66. Tour in Mexico.

  67. ICMC, Gothenburg, Sweden

  68. ICMC, Habana, Cuba

  69. Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, New York. Michael Formanek Northern Exposure.

  70. Scandinavian tour as well as New York performances. Michael Formanek Northern Exposure.

  71. Several installations and performances in Scandinavia, Germany and Bellarus with Swedish visual artist Stefan Lundgren.

  72. Tour and recordings with Blue Pages, nominated Swedish Jazz Group of the Year.

  73. Tours and recordings with pianist Richie Beirach.

  74. Swedish tour with David Liebman.

  75. Montreux International Jazz Festival. The Orchestra




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Recordings (selection)

  1. The Six Tones, TBA, Remixes of Vietnamese popular music, in production

  2. The Six Tones, Vong Co, TBA, in production

  3. expEAR and Drew Gress, Vesper, Kopasetic Prod.

  4. Maggi Olin - Transatlantic Connection, Live,

  5. Hanoi New Music Festival Ensemble 2013, Being Together, Setola di Maiale

  6. lim, Disembodied, Kopasetic Prod.

  7. The Six Tones, Signal in Noise, dB Productions (double CD)

  8. (Re)Thinking Improvisation, artistic explorations, Lund University Press (double CD)

  9. Stefan Ostersjo, Strandlines, dB Productions

  10. lim, lim with Marc Ducret, Kopasetic Prod.

  11. Scandinavian Electroacoustic Music, Spanning, ChamberSound

  12. Henrik Frisk & Peter Nilsson, etherSound, Kopasetic Prod.

  13. lim and Marc Ducret, KOPAlectric, Kopasetic Prod.

  14. lim, SuperLim, Kopasetic Prod.

  15. New Century Series, Volume 17, MMC.

  16. David Liebman Big Band, Beyond the line, OmniTone

  17. Viola con Forza, Henrik Frendin, Phono Suecia.

  18. The Orchestra plays Jakob Riis, In Absence of Mind, Cope Records

  19. lim, lim, dB Productions

  20. Fixerad Anarki, Fixerad Anarki, dB Productions

  21. NoBass, Hello World, LJ Records

  22. Expressions, Henrik Frisk/Richie Beirach, Hornblower Recordings

  23. The Orchestra, Noxx, capo

  24. The Orchestra, SmokeOut, dB Productions

  25. Blue Pages, Blue Pages, Caprice Records

  26. Beijbom/Kroner Big Band, Live in Copenhagen, Four Leaf Clover

  27. Henrik Frisk, Inventions of Solitude, Hornblower Recordings

  28. The Orchestra, Not as softly as, MusicMecca


Presentations (selection)


Exploring an ethics of instruments, Music an materialities, Gent


Music and knowledge, lecture for Swedish television (https://urplay.se/program/222682-ur-samtiden-lat-livet-svanga-musiken-och-kunskapen-den-konstnarliga-forskningens-potential)


Sounds of Futures Passed: Media Archaeology and Design Fiction as a NIME Methodology, NIME 2021.


Ethics in artistic research, panel participation, Lund University, Sweden.


Studio Saigon: Telematic Performance and Recording Technologies in Light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Urban Culture Research Forum, Bankok, Thailand


Key note, Is the Virtual Real? - Musical Communities in the 21st Century, Bergen, Norway


Identity formation through music in diaspora, Musikforskning idag, Göteborg, Sweden.


How can AR inform Learning & Teaching (panel), Artistic Research-based Music Education, AEC, Brussels, Belgium


Networked Performance in Intercultural Music Creation, Music in the Age of Streaming, Piteå, Sweden


Networked Performance in Intercultural Music Creation, PIGVIS 2020, Bangkok, Thailand


Approaches to transcultural dialogue through stimulated recall., Swedish Research Council conference


Intercultural Collaboration through Networked Performance, Nordic Network for Music Education, Bergen, Norway


Research as Education, Scandinavian conference on research based education, Tromsö, Norway


Machinic propositions - narrative interaction between sound and image, Music and sound design in film and new media, Vilnius (Keynote)


ArtDoc - an experimental archive and a tool for artistic research, Conference at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden


Artistic research methodology, NARP, Norway


Articulations of supervision in artistic research, Bergen, Norway


Related Professional Experience (in selection)


Music chair for SMC 2023, Stockholm


Member of assessment committee for VR, Swedish Research Council


Orgnized international festival/conference on music and technology: Between 2019


Member of the board for NAVET, KMH-KTH research collaboration


Researcher in EASTN-DC (European Art, Science and Technology Network - Digital Creativity) which organizes events, workshop and concerts with the general goal of supporting digital creativity in gneral.


Curator for concert series of electroacoustic music at KMH.


Organizer of SMC-Sweden

Since 2016

Member of the editorial board for Swedish Journal of Music Research


Co music-chair for SMC 2013, produced three concerts and a total of 30 works for 26 loudspeakers

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