Some very interesting discussions took place at todays seminar when doctorate student Anders Kreuger presented a text about Joachim Koester’s work Nordenskiöld an the Ice Cap. The dynamics of a group of artists working together, specifically visual artists and curators but also that between the composer and the interpreter and writer, director and actor, brought up the concept of feedback or dialectics. The question of the ability to comment on ones action as one act (perhaps more related to one of Kreuger’s main areas of research, namely that of self reflection) was also discussed.

Both of these subjects are of great interest to me, as an improvisor and composer, but also in my programming and my and Leif Lönnblad’s experiments with ANN. In order to be successful, any attempt at making a computer interact intelligently with a musician must necessarily implement some kind of self reflection and feedback. (In the context of computers and programming I believe that feedback is the term most apropriate as its origins are from cybernetics.)

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