KOPAorchestra is a ten piece band with the members of the collective Kopasetic Productions and where all of the members contribute with compositions. We will perform in Stockholm (Fasching), Helsingborg (Dunkers) and Malmö (SR Studio 7). See for more information or download the flyer.<P><h2>

Cennet Jönsson & Henrik Frisk – saxes & bass clarinet
Krister Jonsson & Mats Holtne – guitar
Maggi Olin & Loïc Dequidt – piano & Fender Rhodes
Mattias Hjorth – bass & bandleader
Lisbeth Diers – percussion, electronics & voice
Peter Nilsson – drums
Peter Danemo – drums & electronics

Pappas Skägg will be performed at:

- 7/12 at Fasching in Stockholm
- 10/12 in Teatersalen at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg
- 11/12 at Studio 7 i Malmö (concert & radiorecording)

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