lim is a collective band playing improvised and metaphysical music. As a trio we have been playing since 1997 but in 2013 we were joined by guitarist Samuel Hällqvist. As a group lim has always worked long and hard on the music in order to achieve the utmost level of spontaneity within the sometimes complex structures.

Their first cd, lim, was released on the Swedish label dB Productions in 2002 and is a studio production in which the recording studio is treated as an instrument in its own respect.

Their second album, Superlim, which was released on Kopasetic Productions in 2006 has a more relaxed live feel to it and is quite different from the first one. The music is still to a large extent focused on rhythmical aspects, but the sound of the group is less dense then it was on their first CD.

$ \lim_{x \to \infty} $

lim CD superlim lim with Marc Ducret lim CD disembodied
Superlim, lim with Marc Ducret and disembodied; three of the group’s released CD’s

lim also has had a collaboration with French guitar wizard Marc Ducret. The collaboration began with a performance during KOPAfestival 2006 and part of that concert is also available on the live recording KOPAlectric, released on Kopasetic Productions in 2007 as well as on the latest release lim with Marc Ducret (2011).

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