Program note (EN)

The word breach in the ambiguous title refers to a multiplicity of ideas regarding man and technology. It refers to the breach, the non-continuity, between 0 and 1 within the binary system of our machines (specifically in the machine used to perform the computer part in this piece) as well as the non-continuity between man and machine, or rather, between musician and laptop. This relation is dual by nature: There is a breach between the laptop and its operator as well as between the two as a unit and the rest of the ensemble. This is true audibly because the sounds produced electronically are destined to differ in quality from those produced acoustically. But it is also true conceptually as the relation between the laptop musician and the computer, the interface through which he interacts with the binary universe of the computer, is to say the least, crude in comparison to that of the violinist or the saxophonist of the ensemble. This breach, or discontinuity, has (almost) always been of great interest to me.

The first part of the title, continuous, is both the antinode of the breach and its source of inspiration. Anything wishes to be continuous does so because somewhere there is a breach to be overcome. But here it also refers (probably linguistically incorrect though) to how the breach, in its wanting to be a discontinuity, becomes a continuous breach. The breach, as defined as a discontinuity in space, is a conceptual continuity in time. These are thoughts that emerged during my writing of the piece and they were part of my thinking before I started working. My (obsessive) fascination for the impossibility to truthfully represent a continuous process with a binary machine is a source of inspiration in this music as well as in most of my work.

Programkommentar (SE)