The collaboration started in the spring of 2006 with the main ambition to create a foundation for a meeting between two different musical cultures on equal terms. An other ambition has been to reach beyond merely a superimposition of elements and strive for a more coherent and experimentally oriented sound. From this point of departure Henrik Frisk has composed a trio for Dan Tranh, Dan Bau, banjo, e-bow, 10-stringed guitar and electronics. Frisk’s new work for 10-stringed guitar (Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions, also part of the program, uses a transcription of a first, aleatoric version of the trio as its material.

Our latest project, Tri Minh and The Six Tones, is touring in 2013. Tri Minh and The Six Tones brings the lively and innovative new music scene in Hanoi in dialogue with experimental Western music and the traditional music of Vietnam. Below is a link to an info sheet about this project, as well as some music examples (The Six Tones and Tri Minh - ReMix)

Watch our October 2006 concert in Hanoi here.

Live in Hanoi Hanoi Sound Stuff festival Thuy and My in preparation for a concert in Hanoi.
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