Henrik Frisk and Peter Nilsson have performed together for almost 15 years but etherSound is their first duo recording. As a set of 7 improvised pieces along a pre generated electronics track, etherSound is also part of a larger concept making queries into concepts such as audience participation and generative music.

The electronic part is the result of a large number of SMS messages contributed by collaborators during a concert performance of etherSound on May 8, 2004 at Jeriko in Malmö, Sweden. All the messages sent during that hour were stored along with the absolute time at which they were received and just as their contents were used that day to generate computer originated sounds have they been used in this recording to generate the electro- acoustic track. The messages appear in the exact same order and at the exact same relative time position as they were received in the concert and in that sense, this recording is a mirror image in time of that evening. Those who participated in the concert also participate on this recording.

For more info go to the project site: henrikfrisk.com/ethersound.


  1. havoc [7:58]; 2. pantokrator [7:38]; 3. luc:]knallal [8:31]; 4. be mean [7:00]; 5. bird sounds [9:14]; 6. december [9:15]; 7. emancipation [14:16]

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