This double CD was recorded at a point when The Six Tones had begun opening up towards the many subcultures of experimental and electronic music on the scene in Hanoi. Initially, the group was focussed specifically on the encounter between the traditional Vietnamese music that Ngô Trà My (who plays đàn bầu) and Nguyễn Thanh Thủy (who plays đàn tranh) represented and the Western experimental and composed musics that Henrik Frisk and Stefan Östersjö were associated with. From this point of departure, the group became more and more a venue for destabilizing our identities as performers. This instability has urged a different kind of listening, a tuning in to the noise of an unknown music. The essence of our aims with the group is to create music that builds on the tension between our distinct traditions but in order to achieve a more in depth understanding of these interrelations, many years of mutual learning have been called for.


  1. Nam Ai 7:13
  2. Hề Mồi 6:30
  3. Oán một 7:44
  4. Dạ một 6:21
  5. Mộc (wood) 9:16
  6. Gió (wind) 3:43
  7. Tre (bamboo) 7:26
  8. Tứ Đại Oán 11:52
  9. Dạ hai 6:29
  10. Oán hai 7:57
  11. Hỏa (Fire) 7:49
  12. Lới Lơ 4:34

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