expEAR is a group created by Henrik Frisk (sax), Maggi Olin (pi) and Peter Nilsson (dr) - three Swedish jazz musicians who have played together for decades. They intentionally left room for extra members because one of the main purposes of expEAR is to explore the potential openness of contemporary jazz and improvised music. Finding musicians and artists that have a long and particular experience of developing a unique voice in music is part of the quest: who could be better equipped to fulfill this role than the phenomenal bassist Drew Gress?

In nine compositions by Gress, Olin and Frisk the four musicians play with unconditional sensibility seeking the soft poetry of Cradle Song as well as the roaring intensity of New Leaf. Blue to Pink allows for melodic beauty and Vesper hard swing, while Removal by Suction shows dark and secret undertones. The dynamic mix between Nilsson’s powerful drumming and Gress’ solid bass lays down a rhythmic foundation for Olin’s harmonic complexity and Frisk’s tenor saxophone.

The CD was recorded in December 2015 following a tour in Sweden.


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